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Increased driving skills training

At the beginning of the year, we successfully renewed the  increased driving skills training with a team of DTE couriers. Our employees are now even better able to transport your cargo safely in all kind of weather conditions.


ADR Certified

ADR stands for: Accord Européen relatif au transports international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route. European Convention on the International Carriage of Dangerous Substances by Road. The ADR regulates the international transport of dangerous goods. In all countries that have signed this treaty, it applies to cross-border transportation that takes place between at least two of these countries.


ACN pass

DTE drivers are ACN certified. Direct access to various companies at Schiphol provides significant time gains.


Summer tires

From May 2021 all our vehicles have been changed from winter tires to summer tires to get your freight safely and quickly at the right destination!


SARR course

All our drivers have recently completed the SARR (Security Awareness Robbery Response) course. The demands of high-tech customers are getting higher and DTE courier Goirle invests in equipment and people to meet these requirements. On the way all products must be transported according to strict guidelines; This course provides for this. Consider: parking on secure parking, immediately reporting irregularities, possibly double crew to prevent unnecessary stops etc.